Stress ECG Devices & Equipment

Versatile PC-based ECG stress testing equipment and software with wired and wireless 12 lead ECG solutions that offer maximum flexibility, great usability, and excellent user experience.

  • 1200W - Digital RF Wireless

    The 1200W is an echo-ready, wireless Radio Frequency (RF) system that offers precise ECGs without restrictions of movement, designed explicitly for ECG Stress Tests.

  • 1200HR - High-Resolution Model

    The 1200HR is a High-Resolution ECG device that offers accuracy and very high sampling rate, excellent for hospitals and research laboratories.

  • NR - Mobile Wireless ECG

    The NR offers high-quality ECG resolution in a small yet sturdy recorder. The wireless property allows greater freedom of movement while eliminating the bulky and expensive patient cable.

  • 1200S - The Classic Model

    The 1200S is a PC-based ECG system that offers excellent ECG performance at an affordable price, making it ideal for physician offices.​

  • Medical Grade Treadmills

    Various heavy-duty medical-grade treadmills designed exclusively for Stress ECG tests. Controlled by Norav Software or independently.

  • Cycle Ergometers

    Medical-grade ergometer exercise bikes developed especially for use in ECG Cardiac Stress tests. Can be controlled by Norav Software or independently.

  • Tango M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

    Automatic Stress Test blood pressure monitor for use in Cardiac Stress and Exercise Testing. Specifically designed to overcome noise, movement and physical difficulties associated with ECG stress tests.


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