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Norav Solution for Hospitals Acute Care Diagnostic

High-level data management, outstanding diagnostic analysis, and premium hardware make NORAV devices the perfect partners for the hospital's demanding daily operations.
Choose Norav for your cardiology needs and benefit from our advanced technology and high-resolution data. Our devices and solutions offer multi-modality imaging, automated data analysis, portability, web-based data management, durability, ease of maintenance, integration, and data security. Improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce time to treatment, and enhance patient outcomes with our innovative technology. Trust Norav's commitment to quality, compliance and customer service to meet the demands of hospitals and acute care centers.

Key Advantages


Robust hardware

High-quality manufacturing technology and excellent raw materials guarantee long-lasting products with robust designs and water resistance.
Norav Medical devices are suitable handle harsh environments, daily use, and powerful disinfectants.

Ease of use

With an intuitive user interface and innovative solutions, Norav devices make your operation easier and much more efficient

Seamless Integration

Integration with hospital information systems and archives is seamless, making it possible for NEMS Web to provide maximum efficiency in patient treatment and time savings for the institution

Our Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

Which cardiovascular diagnostic is available in Norav solutions?


  • Standard 12-lead Resting ECG (either PC-based or thermal printer machines)
  • Extended 15-lead Resting ECG (PC-based)
  • Derived 12-lead ECG with 5-electrode cable (PC-based)

Stress ECG:

  • Complete ETT treadmill stress ECG,
  • Complete ergometry stress ECG,
  • Complete pharmacologic stress ECG protocols (dobutamin etc.)
  • Stress ECG module for ECHO-stress CPX system
  • Stress ECG module for CPET cardiopulmonary system

Holter ECG:

  • 3 or 12 leads recorders and Analysis software for 24 hour and up to 14-day study

Rehab Telemetry ECG:

  • Multiple-patient 6-lead and 12-lead ECG monitoring system, with arrhythmia detection and alarms, BP and SpO2 optional modules


  • 24 hour ABPM recorder and Analysis software

Spirometry tests

Do you provide the information management database solution?

Yes, Norav products could be supplied with optional database management system. Available options for a Hospital level are: NEMS-Q and NEMS Web

Can I integrate Norav product with our Hospital Information System or PACS, and which interface protocols are available?

Yes, Norav products are including optional interface protocols such as: HL7, DICOM and GDT

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