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ECG Management

Norav Medical ECG Management System (NEMS) is a comprehensive data management solution that combines integrated studies and patient records in a single application.

NEMS allows the automation of processes, storage, and ECG display, improving patient care while reducing processing times and costs.
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View, Analyze and Manage ECGs the simple way

View, Analyze and Manage ECGs the simple way

With over three decades of research invested in the development of ECG analysis tools, NEMS continues to innovate and improve. We validate our quality tools against clinically correlated databases and obtain FDA approval.
NEMS Web supports meaningful use by receiving, managing, archiving, and exporting diagnostic test results via a web-based interface. Using NEMS Web, you can quickly create and confirm all types of ECG tests, as well as spirometry and blood pressure tests. Through a standard web browser, users can access with safe and secure connection from everywhere around the globe, to perform, edit, and view test results.
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Four Layers Solution


Test Devices

Norav offers an extensive portfolio of innovative products for acute care, primary care, and research settings, including Rest, Stress, Holter and Telemetry ECG, Monitoring Systems, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors, Spirometry.


Configurable HL7 & DICOM interface to HIS and Patient Admission systems.Direct Interoperability with acquisition devices and review workstations.

Diagnostic Applications

Norav PC-ECG is based on an algorithm for deciphering metrics that is considered the most accurate in the world. ensuring the most accurate and reliable diagnosis and analysis.


Web based NEMS–Norav Medical management system provides easy access to ECGs from almost anywhere, anytime to enhance your workflow through extensive connectivity.

NEMS Web System Highlights

Web-based Interface, Multi Sites & Users
Serial ECG Comparison
Unlimited Archive and History
ECG Acquisition and Reporting
Enhanced Security & Data Protection

More Configuration Options

NEMS-Q – ECG Management System

  • SQL Database
  • Multi-Users
  • Simple Management and Access
  • Effortless Integration to HIS/ EHR
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NEMS-A – ECG Management System

  • Dedicated for Single Users
  • Local Installation
  • Simple Management and Access
  • Effortless Integration to HIS/ EHR
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Essential Capabilities

Global Compliance
Seamless Integration
Personalisation & Visualization
Efficiency workflow
Secutiry & Privacy
Turnkey Solution
Global Compliance FDA, and MDSAP compliant. Respects HIPAA and GDPR regulations Designed in accordance with ISO 13485
Seamless Integration Integration with hospital information systems and archives is seamless, making it possible for NEMS Web to provide maximum efficiency in patient treatment and time savings for the institution.
Personalisation & Visualization New & intuitive user interface enables users to customize screen layouts and workflows based on their own needs. Instantly export data for analysis and reporting
Efficiency workflow With NEMS Web, users can complete work processes in a few clicks through advanced tools like XXX, XXX and custom search criteria.
Secutiry & Privacy Role-based access controls and automatic logouts, Active directory and safety management ensure archived data's security. Active Cybersecurity monitoring Encrypted transfer and storage of data A complete audit trail of all changes
Turnkey Solution With out-of-the-box customization solutions, development times can be slashed to days instead of months 24/7 access and 99.9% uptime guarantee
Configuration Integrate your products, patients, and personnel Easily create workflows for data to facilitate post-processing Configure push notifications for users and clinicians

NEMS Web Solution Architecture

HIS Layer
App Layer
Rest, Stress, Holter, ABPM test
Communication Layer
Norav Files Server
Signal R (RPC)
Server Layer
NW Server (NVDP)
Data Layer

Norav’s ECG Management Approach

With NEMS Web, medical devices can centralize data and leverage cloud technologies through an easy-to-use, scalable, and configurable web-based platform.
The NEMS Web platform collects and securely stores data and provides tools to visualize and analyze it. Norav maintains and secures the NEMS Web and ensures compliance with global regulatory requirements.
Norav’s ECG Management Approach
Norav’s ECG Management Approach

System Overview

Access across multiple sites and types

Clinic 1
Clinic 2
Home Acess

HIS / EHR Integration - standard and custom interfaces

Custom API

Dedicated rule profiles

IT Manager

3rd party integration

External devices

Available in all work environments and platforms


Support All types of Test

Rest, Stress, Holter, Telemetry ECG
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


Profiles & Users
System Features
Equipment Interface
Regulatory Standards
Security & Data Protection
Infrastructure Integration

The ECG management system prioritizes accessibility for healthcare professionals, ensuring easy access and efficient navigation of ECG data.

  • Multisite support
  • Mobile Devices Support (Smartphone & Tablets)
  • Barcode scanners support



Profiles & Users

The ECG management system offers customizable profiles and user roles, allowing for secure and efficient ECG data management across healthcare organizations.

  • Dedicated Users Profiles: Administrator, Physician, Technician, Report Viewer
  • Unlimited users
  • Self customized new profiles and permissions
  • Extend patient info and charactization
  • Dynamic Organization Units Management



System Features

The ECG management system is a comprehensive solution for managing ECG data in healthcare settings, offering a wide range of features, making it a versatile tool for healthcare professionals.

  • Patient’s data Management
  • Modality Worklist
  • Multi Sites
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • ECG Acquisition
  • Automated ECG Diagnosis
  • Calipers & Measurements
  • Serial Comparison
  • Reporting
  • Test History
  • Export & Printing
  • Mobile App
  • Multilingual localization




The ECG management system supports connectivity with a range of ECG devices, enabling seamless integration and efficient ECG data management.

  • HL7
  • Local HIS Interface
  • Custom API



Equipment Interface

The ECG management system includes equipment interface capabilities, allowing for seamless communication between ECG devices and the system for efficient data management.

  • 12-lead ECG
  • Exercise Stress test
  • Ambulatory Holter ECG & ABPM
  • Cardiac Rehab Telemetry
  • Spirometry
  • 3rd Party ECG




The ECG management system includes robust administration features for managing users, access control, and comprehensive system settings, ensuring efficient and secure ECG data management.

  • User accounts and passwords
  • Users and Profiles Permissions
  • Extended predefined Default Settings
  • Process & Workflow Automation
  • Reassign Tests
  • Merge Patients



Regulatory Standards

The ECG management system complies with regulatory standards, ensuring secure and accurate ECG data management in healthcare settings.

  • FDA 510k
Security & Data Protection

The ECG management system includes robust security features,  to protect sensitive ECG data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

  • Encrypted Database
  • Backups
  • Logons & Passwords
  • Data access Audit
  • Alerts & Notifications
Infrastructure Integration

The ECG management system can integrate with existing healthcare infrastructure, for seamless ECG data management across platforms.

  • Hospitals
  • HMOs
  • ER
  • Private clinics
  • Scanning Centers

NEMS Web Cloud Scanning Center

Clinic 1
  • Prepare Holter device
  • Download record from device
  • Upload record to Scanning Center
  • View/Print Holter reports
Clinic 2
Scanning Center
  • Review Holter record
  • Perform Holter analysis
  • Confirm analysis
NEMS Web Server
Physician Home
  • Review Holter record
  • Perform Holter analysis
  • Confirm analysis
PACS Server
MWL Server
Other? HL7/ WS/ Customized
Hospital Information systems - HIS

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