Resting ECG Devices & Systems

Norav Medical's innovative Resting ECG solutions offer PC-based ECG, ECG for Mobile, and Wireless ECG Recorders to provide you with the latest advancements for accurate, high-quality diagnostics that your practice requires.

  • NR - Mobile Wireless ECG

    The NR is a small yet sturdy ECG recorder. The wireless function eliminates the bulky and expensive patient cable, allowing caregivers greater freedom of movement while acquiring EKGs.

  • Mobile ECG App

    Innovative mobile solution designed exclusively for Tablets & Smartphones that allows physicians to upload and read ECGs anytime, anywhere.


    Acquire & Send ECGs
    Mobile and Tablet

  • 1200HR - High-Resolution Model

    The 1200HR is a High-Resolution ECG device that offers accuracy and very high sampling rate, ideal for hospitals and research laboratories.

  • 1200M - The Classic Model

    The 1200M is a cost-effective PC-based ECG device that offers precise ECG processing, optimal for physician offices.​

  • NECG-12C Conventional 12 Leads

    The NECG-12C is a portable ECG thermal printer that allows accurate 12 channel ECG acquisition. Excellent for private practices and small clinics.

  • NECG-12 Conventional 12 Leads

    The NECG-12 is a traditional thermal printer electrocardiograph that offers simultaneous 12 channel ECG analysis and accurate clinical performance.

  • NECG-3 Conventional ECG

    The NECG-3 is an affordable 3 channel ECG thermal printer. Its light and compact design make it optimal for small clinics and private practices.


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