Norav Holter Software NH-301 – New Version and Features

Norav Medical Unveils Enhanced Features in NH-301 Software Update

Norav Medical is thrilled to announce an update to its NH-301 software, pushing the boundaries of cardiac monitoring further. The new version boasts refined event management, intuitive data analysis tools, and a user-friendly interface, making cardiac data interpretation more precise and hassle-free. Additionally, the continuous data backup and direct Excel export features ensure data integrity and ease of management. Explore the updated NH-301 software and experience a new level of diagnostic accuracy and user-centric design.

The New Features:

    Sort events either chronologically or by type.

    • Events: Min/Max HR & RR:
      Now with multiple examples of enhanced diagnostic accuracy.
    • Event Report:
      Sort events either chronologically or by type, giving you more control over your data.
    Differentiate beats with unique colors and relabel them.

    • Overlay in Templates:
      Differentiate beats with unique colors and label them separately.
    • Artifact Label Added:
      Artifact beats are not calculated for events, increasing reliability. Replaces questionable beats
    • Analysis Page:
      Include only a part of a large excluded section, offering more flexibility.
    Export reports to Excel and use continuous data backup.

    • Export to Excel:
      Tabular reports can now be exported directly to Excel.
    • Continuous Data Backup:
      Never worry about losing important data again.
    Zoom in or out of Trends for a detailed view.

    • Zoom In/Zoom Out of Trends:
      Easily enlarge sections for a more detailed view.
    • Physical Activity Display:
      Now shown on the analysis screen and elsewhere for better context.
    • Template and Page Views:
      See selected beats in both views for a more comprehensive analysis.

The new version is now available for download in our distributor’s support portal

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