Blue ECG App

  • Innovative "Wirless ECG" solution designed for Tablet/Smartphone.

  • Android & Windows Compatible

  • Record High Quality Diagnostic 12 Lead

  • Auto measurements and interpretation

  • Rhythm Recording Support 

  • Support Streaming data.


  • Intuitive best in class editing tools

  • 24 to 168 hours (7 days) recording 

  • 2, 3, or 12 Leads

  • QT and Long QT Analysis

  • Heart Rate Variability Analysis

  • HL7

NEMS ECG Management System

  • Manages studies and patients data of:

  • Resting ECG, Stress Test ECG, Long Term ECG, Monitoring, Heart Rate Variability, Late Potential, Holter ambulatory ECG, Ambulatory Blood Pressure

  • Easy interface to Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), & Cardiology Information Systems

  • Comparison of studies

  • Available with SQL database for large organizations or Access database for less demanding institutions.

Norav HMS Blood Pressure

HMS CS is an  patient management software package, available in Client or Server form, for clinics and medical practices with interfaces to HL7 for HIS and GTD for medical practice software. The main focus of the software is the management of blood pressures obtained from a doctor’s office, short-term patient monitoring in the doctor’s office, ABPM, HBPM and T-HBPM. A tested and secure function is synchronizing the HMS CS to the ehealth database ePA T5.

The meaningful tables and graphics provide the treating doctor with quick and efficient support to make therapeutic decisions. At the same time, this presentation improves the therapy compliance among patients thereby creating a more trusting doctor-patient relationship.

The  software gives the doctor a quick overview of the patient’s vital data and integrates all required interfaces. The software is adjusted to the processes of the clinic and doctor’s office. Ongoing development of the programs in a Mac, Linux and Microsoft environment guarantees adaptation to the current needs of customers. In addition to the HMS Client Server desktop application, an ehealth database (ePA T5) is also available making patient management possible irrespective of location.

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