NR - Wireless Rest ECG

  • Eliminates the bulky and expensive ECG patient cable

  • Caregivers have greater freedom of movement 

  • while acquiring EKGs.

  • No cable induced artifact​

1200M - El modelo Clasico

  • Ideal para consultorios médicos

  • PC-ECG se conecta vía USB a cualquier PC

1200HR – modelo HR

  • Ofrece resolución de 16 bits y frecuencia de muestreo muy alta

  • Ideal para hospitales, laboratorios de investigación, señal promedio y aplicaciones variabilidad del ritmo cardíaco

NECG-12 12 Lead

  • Alpha numeric keypad 

  • Can be used with either Din-A4 size thermal Z-fold paper or 210mm wide thermal roll paper

  • Internal memory for up to 200 ECG recordings

  • Transfer of stored data to the Norav ECG Management System NEMS

NECG-12C 12 Lead

  • Alpha numeric keypad 

  • Can be used with either 

  • Din-A4 size thermal Z-fold

  • paper or 210mm wide

  • thermal roll paper

  • Internal memory for up

  • to 200 ECG recordings

  • Transfer of stored 

  • data to the Norav 

  • ECG Management 

  • System NEMS


  • Up to 4 hours battery life

  • Automatic charging of the Lithium Ion battery when connected to main electricity

  • Continuous impedance test with alarm display

  • Transfer of stored data to the Norav ECG Management System NEMS

ECG LAN (Green) - Mobile Wireless Network Solution

  • Environmentally Friendly (paperless)

  • Ideal for Hospitals

  • Touch Screen

  • Network Printing

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