Introducing NEMS-WEB Notifications: Enhancing Cardiac Care Coordination

Stay Ahead with NEMS-WEB Notifications

Timely Alerts for Optimal Cardiac Care Management

Norav Medical, a global leader in ECG solutions, is proud to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our esteemed NEMS-WEB platform: the NEMS-WEB Notifications service. Designed to redefine the standards of care coordination and patient follow-up, this new feature is set to debut at the HIMSS 2024 exhibition, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from March 11-15.


Norav Medical is excited to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our NEMS-WEB platform – the NEMS-WEB Notifications service. This innovative feature is designed to enhance care coordination and ensure timely follow-up in cardiac diagnostics and treatment.

The Power of Intelligent Notifications:

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying informed is crucial. The NEMS-WEB Notifications service provides healthcare professionals with real-time alerts, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively to patient needs. This feature is a game-changer in managing ECG care, offering a streamlined approach to communication and coordination within your organization.

Key Notification Types:

  1. New ECG Results:
    • Receive instant notifications when new ECG results are available, ensuring prompt review and action.
  2. Abnormal Test Results:
    • Get alerted immediately about abnormal test results, allowing for quick intervention and patient care.
  3. Patient Follow-Ups:
    • Automated reminders for patient follow-ups help in maintaining continuous care and monitoring.
  4. Appointment Reminders:
    • Improve patient engagement with timely appointment reminders, reducing no-shows and optimizing scheduling.
  5. Report Status Changes:
    • Stay updated on report progress and changes, ensuring efficient workflow management.
  6. Prioritized Test Alerts:
    • Prioritize critical tests with specialized alerts, ensuring that urgent cases receive immediate attention.

Notification Delivery Methods:

  • In-App Alerts: Immediate notifications within the NEMS-WEB platform for on-the-go accessibility.
  • Email Notifications: Customizable email alerts for comprehensive updates.
  • SMS Text Alerts: Convenient text messages for critical updates and reminders.
  • Mobile Push Notifications: Instant push notifications to mobile devices, ensuring you’re informed no matter where you are.

Configurable Rules for Personalized Alerts:

  • Custom Recipient Groups: Tailor notification delivery to specific teams or individuals based on their roles and needs.
  • Personalized Content: Customize the content of notifications to include relevant information for recipients.
  • User Notification Settings: Allow users to set their preferences for receiving notifications, ensuring relevance and efficiency.

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