Diagnostic & Emergency Medicine

  • Resting ECG

    The best Electrocardiographs for all your ECG needs. Mobile, PC-based, and Conventional solutions available in Wireless & Wired configurations.

  • Holter Blood Pressure

    Comfortably providing accurate and unadulterated long-term ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

  • Spirometry

    Accurate and reliable measurements in a system that is fast and easy to use. Optimal for pulmonary analysis.

Comprehensive ECG Solutions and Devices

Resting, Stress, Holter, & Cardiac Rehab

Hospitals Acute Care Diagnostic

Rest, Stress, Holter, ABPM, & Spirometry

Primary Care /

Office Diagnostic

ECG Add-ons, ECG Triggers, & other OEM

Private Label

NEMS Data Management System

(Cloud, DICOM, HL7, GDT, & others)

Diagnostic Device Connectivity


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